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Spring 2014 Road trip to Southern Tasmania Lauren (@laurenepbath) Jewels (@jewelszee) Pauly (@paulyvella) Christina (@traveltherenext)

Willie Smiths apple shed, the best apple cider you've ever tasted | Huonville |

Willie Smiths

Nectarine trees in full blossom

Nothing like some freshly picked fruit. | Franklin |

September is a good time to see the stone fruit orchards in full bloom


| Port Huon |

| Franklin |

Foggy spring morning on the Huon River

| Geeveston |

Tahune Airwalk

Hang gliding over the Huon river

48 meters above the Huon river looking out over the world heritage listed forrest and the joining of the Picton and Huon Rivers www.tahuneairwalk.com.au

Arve Falls | Hartz Mountain national park |

In typical Tassie fashion, it rained, hailed and snowed while we walked the bush track to Lake Osbourne, Hartz Mountain National Park

| Police Point |

Atlantic Salmon

The Huon has some of the best farmed salmon in the world. My local farm has the most amazing hot smoked salmon you will ever taste. www.huonaqua.com.au

| Dover |

Esperance Bay


This is My home town, I spent most of my childhood fishing, swimming, bush walking and working on the family farm. It's such a diverse area with cattle and sheep farms, stone fruit and apple orchards as well as a booming aquaculture industry.

| Dover |

Adamsons Peak

Rain Forrest

Um, what is that?

This was a creepy chair we had in one of the rooms at the B&B, none of us stayed in that room haha

We stayed at the cutest (maybe a little haunted) B&B in Southport. www.southportjettyhouse.com They made the yummiest breakfast EVER.

| Hastings |

Hastings Caves

Hastings Caves ( Newdegate cave) is the largest dolomite cave open to tourists in Australia. It's approx 125km south of Hobart and is well worth the drive. Just along the road from the caves is a beautiful swimming pool fed by natural spring water from the thermal springs, the water is always around 28C.

Ida Bay Railway

Once home to a thriving whaling industry

Cockle Creek

Cockle Creek is the end of the road in Australia, you can't drive any further south. I spent all of my school holidays here when I was younger.

Lauren and Jewels

This little guy wanted to share our picnic lunch

2 chefs and an abundance of fresh seafood in Recherche Bay and all we could manage for lunch was some salad and crackers haha

Southernmost island of Australia.

Maatsuyker Islands

| Southport Lagoon |

| World heritage listed |

Southwest Wilderness National Park

| Historic Site |

Port Arthur

| Tessellated Pavement, Eaglehawk Neck |

Rob Pennicott's Tasman Island Cruise.


Bruny Island Ferry

Drive your car on and relax for the short trip from Kettering over to Bruny Island

Cape Bruny Lighthouse

Storm Bay

| Russell Falls |

Mt Field National Park

| Horseshoe Falls |

| Mt Wellington, Hobart |

www.discovertasmania.com.au This year Lonely Planet listed Tasmania as one of the Top 10 regions to visit in 2015, I hope you can see why.

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    Fabulous shots, Garry. It's on my travel list!

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    @ciaram28 thanks Ciara, I can't believe you haven't taken that short flight over to tassie yet

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    Awesome G! You got the best shots!

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    Garry, I love these shots. Fabulous insight into Tassie.

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    @suewhit thanks Sue, you need to get down to tassie

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    Would love to visit Tasmania some time! Thanks for sharing this wonderful story! 😄

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    Love Tassie! Hastings Caves is amazing and I couldn't get my camera settings right but you've really captured what an epic spectacle it is in there...the coldest I've been in 9 years as well!!

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    Looks amazing ... I want to visit ☺️