Queensland #Australia 2014


This was my first time going to Australia, and I fell in love. We had gone over for my sister's wedding and we decided it would be nice if just the two of us went on a day trip. We chose Fraser Island.

The day started super early with a 6:00am pick up in Noosa. We were then loaded into a fully equipped UTE that was supposed to take us to Fraser Island. The key word being " was".

As we were driving along 40 Mile Beach my sister said " so I think we are on fire!" And sure enough I could see and smell smoke and our diver calmly said " now is a good time to stop for a cuppa and a bicky, EVERYBODY OUT! Needless to say we had to wait 45 mins for a new UTE to come get us, but it meant we could explore the area around Rainbow Beach!

Yup the beach is the highway and the speed limit is 80kms! Our driver told us people get stuck all the time and sure enough we saw a poor guy stuck in the water!

A quick ferry ride and we were on our way. Our guide/driver told us Fraser Island had wild Dingos that roamed the beaches but they weren't seen too often. As soon as we got to the island and turned the bend along 75 Mile Beach we had two run directly at the vehicle ❤️

We were also super lucky to spot a Mum Humpback whale and her calf feeding just off shore!

After a long drive we made it to lake Birrabeen I have never seen such a white sandy beach in my life.

A shell my sister found at Rainbow Beach

And last but not least a rainforest walk along Wanggoolba Creek. It's so lush and beautiful!

It is on my list of places to visit again. One day is not enough time, but it was a fantastic introduction to a special place. Until we meet again Australia ❤️

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