Not without my lettuce

A day in the life of Liz

My name is Liz Lemon. I am a Uromastyx lizard that lives in a 50 gallon luxury desert condo on top of an IKEA television stand.

This is my impression of The Little Mermaid.

I like to bask under my 150 watt heat bulb. #FacePeel #115degrees

I have a cool ramp. It's like the X-Games every day.

Some of my favorite foods: #Kale Collard Greens Mustard Greens Romaine Lettuce Bok Choy Carrots(!!!)

I love to #exfoliate in my 4" deep substrate layer of ZooMed calcium sand from Petsmart.

Foods that are bad for me include: Spinach Pigweed (whatever that is) Beets Chard Bugs (gross) Water Bowls (humidity sucks)

I love to climb all around inside and on top of my cave-lair.


-Liz Lemon #uromastyx #lizard