The quest for the next "Icons" Silver Island Range, Utah

It's easy for most of us to just go to the popular iconic locations in order to take great photographs. I must admit, it's hard to resist. I mean look at the alternative - Exploring an unknown territory for hours, days, possibly months with the possibility of ending up with nothing to show for it.

But how else will we discover the next "Icons" ?? Kenyon(@iloveutah) and me decided to fight the temptation for instant success and explore Silver Island Mountain range in Utah.

Run Kenyon, Run

The Silver Island Range is a rough triangular area which extends 32 miles into Utah from the Utah - Nevada border, with the Pilot Valley Playa to the west and the Great Salt Lake Desert to the east. The wilderness area includes 35,300 acres with sloping stream terraces, foothills, canyons, and steep mountains.

Our first visit involved waking up at 3:30 AM in order to capture sunrise at the range.

But Mr. Fog decided to show up.

Nonetheless we made most of it :)

On our second trip we decide to camp for 2 nights in order to explore the area a bit more. Ofa(@otfonua) joined us this time

This second trip was awesome!!

We camped at an awesome spot

We explored caves

Tried to scale huge formations

And and were successful at that too:)

I'm sure we will continue to explore this place for years to come.

Hopefully we can find some "Icons" over here. I hope this story inspires you to do the same !! #utah #stelleradventure #goexplore

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