Art of Living


Our Art of Living collection encapsulates retro fashion with simple, modern prints. This versatile collection is attractive by its pure and basic form, all designs are performed in symmetrical simplicity.

Retro fashion

with simple modern prints


Geometrics, chevrons, trellises and design-led dogtooths lead the way in a shades of grey, white and black. Soft pink, real and burnt orange accent colours complete the scene.

Fashion changes

But Style endures

Make it simple

But significant

This collection is attractive by its pure and basic form

Art of Living

Fashionable prints

that already shown their success

Art of Living

Beautiful fashion on the walls we love


Why not combine patterns and plains for the maximum effect? Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.

Black has it all white too their beauty is absolute

- Coco Chanel

Art of Living by BN Wallcoverings

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