and all that rests in between, volume one, April 2015


These collections are a series of stories that rest in parenthesis; starting in the fir tree forests of the Highlands and ending in the tidal pools of the coastal fringes that circle our island like a necklace.



and all that rests in between

INTO THE WILD, a collection of beasts and butterflies from the most northerly latitudes.

Sterling silver, hand fabricated

Fly Free

Run & Fly Free

FIERCELY FEMININE, a collection of imprinted silver using leaves and hydrangea petals with the inclusion of 'semi precious' lichen .

sterling silver & chalcedony

fiercely feminine, part necklace, part armour

It is delicate and strong. It has a lightness to it, the leaves lifting slightly as if on a breeze. But when you put it on, you feel its weight, its solidity.

Fragile, but strong enough to weather the storm

Winter stripped petals

earrings with just a hint of a breeze lifting each edge

tiny leaf studs

The Dawn Chorus, necklace, sterling silver, pearl, hand fabricated

The original idea for this piece was rooted in the deciduous forests that weave and climb and cling to the steep inclines that cut into the land that rises up from the back door of my workshop. I've navigated these spaces over the last 7 months and watched as the canopy of leaves grew and began to make verdant tunnels of dappled light.

What was once a silent minimal graphic expression of bare branch against bleached out chalky winter sky has grown into a vast kaleidoscopic cathedral.

| Hydrangea & Pearl pendant, sterling silver, pearl, hand fabricated |

Lichen crater stacking ring

SPLIT POD SERIES, a collection of tiny twigs interspersed with red and blue berries.

delicate pods with dark interiors or plated with gold

split pod ring, stacks with delicate red (rhodolite) and blue (topaz) berry rings

Forties, Cromarty, Forth, Tyne & Dogger

Sterling silver, pearl, hand fabricated

The Manifesto Ring

Pebble and pearl ring

I love the symbolism that an oyster represents - it uses grit and irritation to make beautiful pearls. And so this necklace is for a woman who has endured, who has taken all the grit that has been thrown at her and turned it to her advantage. It has been the making of her and she is all the more beautiful for it.

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