National Park

Joshua Tree

Today I bumped my head, scraped my leg, and skinned my knee. But it was fun.


Me: It's Josh-hoo-ha Tree!

Arch Rock

Not too hard of a climb, we were all over these rocks.

The famed Joshua Tree. Allegedly, it resembles Joshua reaching his hands up to the sky in prayer.

Cholla Cactus Gardens

We were warned about the cacti attaching itself to us, but we touched it anyways.

Skull Rock

No, you cannot climb into the "eye sockets". We tried.

We were also warned about this little guy, for fear of getting a rash.

The Cave

This is where I bumped my head and scraped myself. Ouch.

We left the park due to the growling stomachs of everybody. It was getting a tad late too.

Ruben and Ozzy's Oyster Bar and Grill Yum!

The oyster taco was delish. Thus concludes a full day at Joshua Tree National Park.