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To celebrate the start of a #stellerspring, @aris + I gave our eyes and taste buds a treat with a visit to the Golden Gate followed by some ice cream in nearby Sausalito. Here are a few snaps.

One thing about the bay is that it changes its mind about the weather all the time. It's ok. There are no hard feelings. You just dress in layers for all seasons. Within 5 min + 5 miles our blue skies from the bridge ducked behind clouds of gray in nearby Sausalito. Compare...

There was an artist making cairns by the shore. It was nice to see him teaching a bunch of curious kids around him how to do it. His looked pretty advanced.

After a stroll around, we asked ourselves, "How shall we truly welcome spring?" The answer was unanimous.

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Cheers! Thanks for viewing our little trip. We wish you a #stellerspring!

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  • Aris

    🍦🍦 nom nom ..

  • karen


  • JenniferPinai

    HAHA! I can see why the 🍦 comments now! Sausalito is so nice.

  • lovemyhouse

    haha, this story made my morning, Jay ☺️

  • TheVioletFog

    This was awesome! Loved the side by side weather comparison + yesyesyes on the ice cream!

  • barrysutton

    Great story! Brought me back!

  • kimiellie

    Nice pic!!

  • bon_adventures

    This was so beautiful!

  • madebymary

    Lovely and so beautiful! Traveling to San Fransisco in June and this made me long even more!

  • karlblack

    SF looks awesome. I'll make sure if I make it there I'll get that ice cream! 😍

  • Hamda

    Looks fun


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