to my studio


When we built our desert home a few years ago, I had the opportunity to design my own studio space. I wanted an open, light space to work in. There is a lot of storage for my fabric stash, library of books and supplies. It is the perfect place to design, sew, quilt, knit, bead, and dream...

mood boards become artwork when framed-

integrated music complete with iPod dock-

My Grandmother's Singer treadle sewing machine is my most prized possession. Her brothers bought it for her circa 1920. It still works!

  • brajohn1

    my mom has my great grandmother's old sewing machine too. looks similar and is also very special to us.

  • cindy

    @brajohn1 it's amazing that these machines stood the test of time-they don't make them like that anymore...the smaller machine picture is a few of my antique toy sewing machine collection-one is from the late 1800's @marklucovsky bought me years ago

  • karen

    It's beautiful, Cindy! Your grandmother's sewing machine is so special to have. Do you still use it for your projects?

  • cindy

    @karen thanks Karen. I don't use the treadle machine-keep it in good shape as a keepsake to pass down to the next generation :)

  • Ethereality


  • lelabryan

    even better than Seattle!!

  • Rebeccabdu

    Congrats darling. Elegant studio!

  • rastelling


  • BariJ

    I noticed you said "desert home." Are you in AZ? I'm in Scottsdale. Love your studio space.

  • cindy

    @BariJ thank you- we are in Palm Springs area-