Hot and humbled in the Khmer Empire


One week in Cambodia was a whirlwind, a feast of new experiences.

Gateway to Angkor

Siem Reap

Old, crumbling, and still here.

The temples of Angkor are mind-blowing. Insanely intricate and ornate, they hold the weight of their history in every piece of stone. Their decay is evident, but that only makes the remaining ruins that much more impressive.


Up and Coming

Five Suns

When we stepped into the Tuk Tuk, our driver turned back and told us he had seen five Suns in the sky that morning. We weren't sure what he meant exactly, but it must have stuck with him. To our delight, he chased the sunset along the back roads on our way into town.

City on the Rise

Phnom Penh

One way to go—Up

Phnom Penh is still a mostly flat city, building-wise. With skyscrapers beginning to pop up across the city center, along with coffee chains and business parks, the capital city seems a world away from the humble rural surrounds.

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