We've been fans of Molly Yeh since the pre-Instagram days, when she was a Juilliard undergrad and documenting her NYC escapades on her food blog,

Via her blog, we read her schnitzel reviews, watched her obscure mustard collection grow, learned of her obsessive love of eggs and wished we were there for her homemade dumpling parties.

These days, Molly is married to her fifth-generation farmer husband, living on the family farm in North Dakota, and writing and shooting for the likes of Food52, Kinfolk, and Food and Wine (to name a few).

She's still baking and cooking and playing music. And as you see here, still charming everyone, in and out of the kitchen.

Be sure to visit Molly's blog,, for recipes, hijinks and the recipe for each and every one of these cakes.

All original photographs by Molly Yeh. @mollyyeh Painted in #Waterlogue.

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