La Fortuna, Arenal

Costa Rica

December 2014

Costa Rican mountain roads wind, like the most beautiful and complicated curl; offering a new view with every moment. It's a constant war between the gas and brakes as you propel upwards, hit another curve, and fight gravity with elevation all while trying not to slip to your impending doom off the edge

Cue darkness. Our foreign-never heard of brand-rental SUV become a complicated machine to navigate for even the most skilled driver. These roads were not for the faint of heart during the day, but they became plain terrifying at night. Each minute suddenly became exhausting; you've been traveling since 5am, Driving for 4 hours in a new country, have never been so nauseous&sore from even the worst roller coaster, and couldn't see more than 10 feet in front of you with the unevenly placed headlights. But when you looked up at the night sky, and all you could see where the stars staring back at you and your best friends, you realize this is the the best drive of your life.

We arrived at our hotel in utter darkness. We couldn't see the anything but the lobby, or hear anything but the rain and hot springs we knew surrounded us. it was exciting, knowing our first view of Arenal would be a surprise when we opened our curtains with the sun...

Most of the time

It rained

what do you expect?

You're in a rainforest. So you enjoy yourself and this place in its all natural state, and you just get wet. Oh and have some drinks.

To feeling infinite.

#stelleradventure Shout out to my friends for all the photos we shared over the trip.

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