The Beach life

I recently moved from Seattle, Washington to Santa Cruz, California. As you can imagine that is a huge difference, not only in climate but the atmosphere as well. California is known for breathtaking beaches. Don't get me wrong Washington is beautiful and they have amazing beaches too but California and Washington are very different. You won't find evergreen trees near a beach in California, nor will you find Palm trees near a beach in Washington! I remember all the time people in Washington envying the beaches, the perfect weather, not having to worry if it's going to rain. So when I moved down to California my goal was to make people in Washington and in different areas of the world get the California experience. The California experience is living the beach life, so here it goes!

While taking these pictures I had one thing in mind, to capture the beauty everybody talks about and experiences visiting California! To let them live the beach life with me!

I hope my goal was accomplished, California is filled with gorgeous scenery. I still have many adventures ahead and I plan to show you more of this beautiful state I call home! You can follow me on Instagram @julia_gulia35

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