Instagram has shown me so much of Iceland I decided it was time to head over! To be honest I find it really hard describing this trip and can only do so with pictures.

Seeing icebergs for the first time was impressive, especially by head torch at midnight.

Even the lights came out to greet us which not everyone gets to see. I have spotted them in Scotland but always in front of me never above!

Waking up to snowdrift and a beautiful but cold sunrise was stunning.

Unfortunately we missed the ice caves but went through this cave to find ice and massive waterfall.

Crossing a river near the beach to get to a plane crash was a little less than warm.

The sunsets were stunning especially when scrambling to get a better view.

The roads were brilliant and well kept, it also helped having scenes like this.

I can really only say so much and photograph so many things in Iceland, you really need to see it for yourself.

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