East London #stelleruk

Regents Canal

So almost every Weekend is spent up in East London, this place has been part of my life since Childhood, when I use to visit my Great gran and great Aunt on Bethnal Green Road, we would spend days visiting the Childhood museum and have picnics in Victoria Park too, great memories and still feel Nostalgic to this day when I walk past them places. I love the fact that I can still spend time here but getaway from the City in to the Rural Essex countryside where I was brought up, it's funny how leaving behind the city feels like leaving behind the stresses and strains of Modern life too, it's good to see lush green fields and waterway that strewn the Essex landscapes. But after a while I miss the rough and tumble of the city again, and it draws me back to its cultural graffitied world.

Home to the younger sibling, Cambridge Heath Road

This place is on Borrowed time, developers are sniffing and they can smell the Dollars

These Old gas works are now listed and London only has a few left, personally I love them as landmarks and be a real shame to see them torn down.

Victoria park


She leaves me with a parting Gift.

Good night London

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