Peak District


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The Peak District

Welcome to the Peak District. The Peak District is an area of natural beauty nestled between the major urban areas of Greater Manchester, Staffordshire and Yorkshire. It is a diverse area of natural beauty split between the Dark Peak and White Peak areas of predominant rock types. With stunning scenery, breathtaking views, a walkers paradise it became the United Kindgoms first national park in 1951. This place has been my home since I was a child. Thankfully, my extended family still live here, so I visit regularly to play and enjoy.

The beautiful Shuttingsloe Nestled on the Staffordshire, Cheshire border is also known as the 'Matterhorn' of Cheshire. Not quite as dramatic, but it will do. #peakdistrict

Rich, bleak moorlands.

Long, lonely roads. Great for cycling and exploring.

Water trickles and flows.


The locals

Gritstone Outcrops sculpture the landscape.


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