Turtle Town

Bundaberg Qld Australia

Not so long ago, I was lucky enough to be invited by Tourism Bundaberg and North Burnett of Qld, to tick off one of my bucket list dreams!! To see the turtle hatchlings at Mon Repos Turtle Rookery! I will never ever forget these amazing few days! I hope you like turtles because these pages are all TURTLES!! Haha!! Jz xxoo

Helping volunteers save so many hatchlings was a dream come true!


At night is when the majority of babies will hatch and make the treacherous journey into their new world under the sea! The Rangers take small groups of humans to witness this amazing moment.

So precious....

I had gone down to shoot sunrise with no expectation of seeing hatchlings... This little girl made my year!! She was all on her own right near where I had set up my camera, I had to save her from a swooping hungry kookaburra!!

Not a turtle!

Ok, so I did take a few snaps of other things besides turtles while I was there, including the lovely Katherine and her lovely pineapple! Haha!

Omg I was even on two TV news shows while there!! And in the newspaper! So embarrassing!

Lady Elliot Island

Swimming with big turtles!! My favourite thing to do!

I took so many 'turtle selfies' with this cutie! He swam with me for hours and loved a good scratch on his shell!

Mr. Muscles.

Good bye little one!

Here is the link to the newspaper article! (No I'm not showing you the TV clips! Haha!) http://m.news-mail.com.au/news/instagrammer-shines-spotlight-our-region/2556485/ Thanks so much to Tourism Bundaberg & North Burnett for hosting me for a turtly awesome trip! Jz xxx

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