If you could be an animal, what would it be and why?


Taking cue from this week's hashtag challenge, I decided to ask the folks around me a simple question. If you could be animal, what would it be and why? Here are their responses.

"I'd like to be a parakeet from El Salvador, my country"

"If you asked me, I'd just be who I am."

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  • ninagraceless

    😂😂 so cute! What animal would you be, Brandy??

  • karen

    Haha! Lulu

  • tbyrnes

    This is awesome! Lulu has the best response. 🐶

  • coyrnthecat

    I would be a cat because I am really weird and sometimes feisty but, also kinda lazy.

  • lovemyhouse

    CUTE!! 🐝

  • nandoism

    That furry baby at the end was the best!

  • nadine7264

    I would be a dolphin cuz it would be so cool to explore that much

  • underbiteunite

    That was so interesting and cute!

  • Iulie


  • BurnellYow

    I'd be a Raven because I already am.

  • blueanto

    So funny

  • sunflowerdude

    I house cat. So I would be pampered, fed, groomed, and able to sleep whenever I want with no responsibilities.

  • Iconoclast00

    Terrific execution of this challenge.

  • B__xy


  • myronropp_

    @brajohn1 Terrific. Oh ... a gorilla. They are just so cool. (Smile)

  • thoughts

    I would be a wild horse! I could run as much as I wanted through so many different places and each day I could have a story to tell! I love your story!!!!

  • InSearchOf_

    This couldn't have ended any better 😊

  • westof3rd

    This was so cute and the ending was 👌🏻

  • estyriyani

    so cute ending 😍😍

  • iPhoneArtGirl

    Love the short interviews!


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