This March I visited the Kimberley and Broome as part of a campaign to promote Australia's north west. I was joined by @Garry_Norris as well as print journalists, tourism representatives from Tourism Western Australia and Australia's North West AND passionate operators and locals. It has been my favorite job to date!

The town of Broome is picturesque - framed with turquoise blue water!

Camel riding on Cable Beach is a MUST DO!

I chased the camel trains 2km up the beach shooting numerous photos! It was hard to pick a favorite to edit so I picked 3! ;)

The best part about Broome? Stars so bright and so close to town! When I'm photographing stars I shoot between ISO 1600 and 3200 and vary my aperture between f2.8 and f4.0. My shutter speed is between 15 seconds and 30 seconds and generally I shoot on my 14-24mm lens focused to infinity.

Broome Astro Tours

If you find yourself in Broome and want to learn more about the stars check out Greg Quicke's Astro Tours! http://www.astrotours.net/Astro_Tours/Astro_Tours_-_The_Ultimate_Journey_to_the_Stars.html

I also LOVED Gantheaume Point! Did you know you can see dinosaur footprints here?

The tides in Broome fluctuate by up to 13 meters meaning what you see now can dramatically change in the space of minutes!

Hrmmm ... What was that other thing I loved about Broome?

I photographed wild horses from a helicopter with the doors off! Thanks Kas helicopters and top pilot "Guy Sullivan" for making shots like this a reality!

I loved Broome so much I even purchased my first pearl as a keepsake of an extraordinary part of the world and an extraordinary trip!

With amazing company, world class landscapes and photographic opportunities and the time and freedom to discover Broome I walked away with a new favorite trip! And all in my own backyard!

Thanks to everyone who made this trip a reality and especially Tourism Western Australia!

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  • Ollie_tje

    Really cool foto's!! Question: Are the foto's 11 and 3 taken on the same place? Or is foto 11 edited?

  • laurenepbath

    @Ollie_tje both photos are taken at the same place but at different times. They're both real :)

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    Take me there!

  • l_yeager

    Love the horse photos! The camel train was lovely as well! 👍 I might have to take those night shots even sooner now. 😂 Wonderful Steller!

  • elisapella

    OMG This is amazing!

  • niki_pike

    Love the camel train video.

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    The horse photos are amazing and the stars photos as well very creative stellar!!!👍👍👍👍👍

  • scorpy12

    The camel photos are my Fav photos on IG. I was telling my family about them today.

  • william_patino

    Those horse images are seriously so good lol

  • marionmac56

    I'm so glad that I discovered your work. I first came across you when did Special Olympic photos for a dear friend of mine. I've followed you from Instagram to Trover to Stellar. Cool work, Lauren.

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    Love these shots Lauren

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