⬆️ Sweden ⬇️ Norway


Part 1: land in Oslo with no particular itinerary.

So, off to a friend's family farm in the south of Sweden to sauna into the night & swim in the Baltic Sea--->

Blueberry and mushroom season. Suddenly, nothing feels more important than this.

Armed with a thermos of coffee, we 3 enjoy an evening of conversation from a rowboat on a lake at sunset that we refer back to again and again as a "defining moment" in the years to come...


⬆️ and North we go

A #roadtrip defined by tent camping and roadside picnics.

discovery of the best cider || expressions of love

Part 2: arrival in Norway & picnic with troll.

We wander out to the Lofoten Islands - to climb and camp and soak up the arctic.

For me, much of life can be remembered in great places you enjoyed coffee with good friends.

What are we all seeking but a string of soulful moments to ground our busy lives?

Until next time! #Scandinavia #arctic #Europe #Sweden #Norway #LofotenIslands