| through the fibers of time|



As we know it may not be as it seems. Some small events, as minimum they are, can distort our reallity in unimaginable ways. This is a little story about Thomas and his journey through the fibers of time •

And so, our story begins when

Thomas was leaving his place going to the street market when he accidentally dropped his watch. As he gets it back, realized a different noise, but seemed to work normally. But when he opens the door, he faced something...


The time was in front of him, like a real timeline. Thomas realized that he could walk through it free and randomly, regardless of direction. What he did not know was that he actually had one single choice.

He did not know that has just mixed present and past realities, and triggered a serie of interconnected events. This is August and Thaya, in 1960, a farmer couple

But in our time, August was the bartender from the bar near Thomas' house. This was the first strange moment

At the same bar, was a younger version of Louis' grandfather, Mr. Hongr, a very important man for that time.

Mr Hongr ran many lands and produced wine, to always have all the good and best for his family

The same land that nowadays Louis has the family's winery and a Hotel

At Hongr Hotel

Bruce was the concierge, and never knew the real reason to end up in that city working for Louis, but he works hard to get enough money to feed his dream of live by music

The same music that once stole many girl hearts on 60's and ran Bruce's life at the real garden

The same garden where Lucy and Jack first met in a cold afternoon

Now the story repeats itself, same characters but different time and names. The bar you already know, and holds a big surprise for Thomas

Thomas saw another version of himself, the manager of the first local bar back in the 60's exactly on the same place

Thomas was disturbed with all of that. "Is this real life? Am I really here? What do I do now?"

Time has also changed on actual reallity due to Thomas' footsteps, and the Louis Lands weere not the same anymore

Realized that it was all a dream, and he'd never drink and smoke again before sleep.

Thomas now

The question is: Was it a dream?

Thank You - Chronus by Pedro Felix

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