The Kimberley

An epic adventure

On March 18th (my birthday) I headed over to Western Australia's North West to explore the Kimberley region with my friend Lauren Bath.

Iconic Boab tree, unique to the Kimberley

Lauren taking in the afternoon sun

Then we made a video for Jeff

Kimberley Quest

Our home for 3 nights

A must do in Broome

Sunset camel ride

Willie Creek pearl farm

Brilliant clear night sky

Wild horses taking a afternoon swim

Morning fishing trip

The wet season has just ended so everything is so green

From the air with @KAShelicopters

This little guy came to say good morning.

Waterfall selfie.

Horizontal Falls

Located deep within Talbot Bay in the Buccaneer Archipelago.


King Cascades

I caught a fish!

Mangrove Jack

We went for a short hike

And came across these amazing aboriginal cave paintings.

Camel ride selfie

Featuring @laurenepbath