By Sophie Gamand

Last summer I released a campaign called "Flower Power: Pit Bulls of the Revolution".

I was afraid of pit bulls. For no reason other than the stories I had heard and the way they were portrayed in the media. I wanted to find out for myself what the debate was about.

So I built flower crowns and brought them to shelters.

The idea was to address the pit bull crisis by portraying these misunderstood dogs in an unexpected way, while challenging my own apprehensions. America euthanizes upward of 1 million pit bulls every year.

Designed to help shelter pit bulls get adopted (the models are all adoptable rescues), the series is also an attempt to change the way we look at pit bulls.

The campaign has quickly gained a large following online and in the press.

Shelters receive millions of views on their portraits!

Dogs got adopted, including shelter longtimers such as Brownie who had sat in a shelter for 2 years... until her flower portrait caught the eye of her adopter.

Around the world, people are joining #PitBullFlowerPower in support of shelter pit bulls!

I saw some of my models grow older as they waited for a home.

I witnessed the unconditional love rescuers have for the ones they save.

Today I have about 100 Flower Power portraits and I keep visiting shelters and growing the project. I hope to export it to other cities and states.

I am no longer afraid of pit bulls.

I don't know where #PitBullFlowerPower will take me next...

...but the journey so far has been amazing!

#PitBullFlowerPower www.instagram.com/SophieGamand

  • photistry

    Very nice. The power of a dog to transform lives!!!!

  • jordanfoy

    Brilliant Sophie!!

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    Amazing! Such a beautiful photo!

  • yellowdoggie2

    This is so cute!!! This really changed my point of view.

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    I love this so much!! What a great idea! They are so misunderstood.

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    I was laughing tears, made me VERY happy. Thank you!

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    Wonderful - I love this !!!

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    @sophiegamand you are my hero

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  • marij56

    I teared up watching this beautiful Pitty's....they are such wonderful dogs! Its said before..they are so misinderstood! Most of them are such sweet souls...its people that do the "damage" to them!! Your a Hero to me too❀️

  • g_mascheroni

    Mi ricordano, molto lontanamente, alcune acconciature di @liviasala. Vero @elisapella ?

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    This is precious!! ❀️

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    @g_mascheroni Γ¨ verissimo!!! πŸ˜‚ @liviasala

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    I love pitbulls!

  • bluechameleon

    Thank you for this! As a pitbull owner I know this breed to be loyal and loving. I never knew I could love anything as much until I rescued my boy 5 years ago.

  • sophiegamand

    @bluechameleon 😘 thank you for adopting!!

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    I heart you.

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    Astonishingly beautiful! So special. Really inspiring! I love your project. Xx

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    This is magnificent! Speechless.

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    So wonderful. Love your images and great heart.

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    Just love this out pit mix lives up at the ranch and has his own following on Facebook tuckerdogawesome 😊 rescued and loved

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    So amazing!!!

  • copperline

    I know this series for IG, Sophie, and I always find these images so moving. Always. Your subjects have such grace. Somehow they *own* their crowns. This is one of those concepts that might have seemed a little crazy on day 1 but is truly magnificent. Good luck rolling it out in the States. Shelter dogs need every bit of help and recognition and love that they can get - and deserve.

  • sophiegamand

    @copperline thank you! Yes the first day I took crowns at the shelter, it was a shelter where big tough guys work. They took one look at the crowns and rolled their eyes. I said "just go with it! If it doesn't work, it does not work!". I am glad the staff gave it their best!

  • copperline

    Exactly! I had that vision of you turning up with floral crowns and people looking at you as if you were *actually* insane! And now look... sometimes it takes truly out-the-box thinking to make something happen, and this is a wonderful example.

  • sophiegamand

    @copperline πŸ‘πŸ˜

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    Lovely photos!

  • gatorvet99

    Beautiful-thank you for bringing awareness to this beautiful breed. Have the calendar you did for second chance rescue. Would this possibly be made into a book-would love to have the photos as a keepsake

  • sophiegamand

    @gatorvet99 thank you! I might do a book πŸ’š

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    Absolutely WONDERFUL!!

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    So beautiful to see all of these here. Keep doing what you're doing. You're changing lives. Good on us! 😊

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    This is awesome!! Check out our website for our #handmade #flower #crowns. We ship worldwide! http://www.weareflowergirls.com/

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    Amazing! Thank you for doing this! People shouldn't be afraid of Pitt Bull! They are lovely dogs like all the others!