Velvet & Beads

Velvet and beads combine to make an elegant scarf that is really simple to make. The scarf takes less than half a yard of silk/rayon cut velvet. Alternatively, a purchased scarf will get an instant upgrade with the addition of the beaded fringe. A scarf like this makes a great gift for someone special!

You will need: • 13"x54" piece of silk/rayon velvet and lining for scarf • seed beads of your choice-I used 11 round in two colors • crystals or pearls for dangle • size 12 or 13 beading needles • nymo beading thread **right sides together, construct the rectangles, turn and press.

Border: Work left to right with end of scarf away from you. To begin, pick up one bead and take a stitch from back to front. Then pick up two beads and take another stitch...

...after second stitch, insert needle up through the last bead. This makes the bead pop up.

Repeat to end of the row.

For additional rows, turn scarf over and work the same way from left to right, sewing into horizontal bead then back through the last bead.

Fringe: Work with scarf toward you. Pick up 5 beads, a contrast bead then 5 more-repeat to desired length. Add a dangle and work back up passing through contrast bead.

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