Faroe Islands

A love story

VisitFaroeIslands invited me to explore the area for four days and photograph the full solar eclipse that took place on March 20th. I left with an experience I will remember as long as I live. This is my humble attempt showcase its beauty.

The Faroe Islands are located in the Northern Atlantic Ocean, north of Scotland and the Shetland islands.

There are less than 50 000 people living here. It's a harsh, rough and unfriendly climate at times. But its beauty compensates.

It contains of 18 islands in total. Some bigger and some smaller than the others.

The two rock formations in the water are called "The Bitch" and "The Giant".. According to legend they were turned into stone when they tried to steal the island to Iceland.

There are commercial helicopter tours running between the islands. This was taken from a tour between Klaksvik and Torshavn.

Not everyone have a waterfall behind their home. But here this is not a particularly unfamiliar sight.

In front of the village Gasadalur you can witness the glory of Mulafossur.

Leirvik seen from the air.

There are more sheep than people living here.

Seen in Saksun.

Sunrise over Torshavn.

Mountain roads.

Don't forget to bring a warm coat.

Our very own star.

Views like this...

Light chaser.

Saved the best for last...

The weather didn't want to cooperate at all when the eclipse cycle began. This was the last time we saw the sun before...

... This.

To witness this during 15-20 seconds was one of the single most amazing experiences of my life. No words can ever describe it. Mind blowing.

Thank you, Faroe Islands. I will be back.

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