Trip of a lifetime


In March 2015 I set of for a 2 week solo road trip across Iceland. Here is a small snippet of the adventures I had.

I went in search of the Northern Lights.

I also found lots of amazing waterfalls.

I found a beach where tiny Icebergs wash up.

And nearly got blown away from some wild storms.

The Icelandic Horses really stole my heart.

I got barrelled in an icecave.

And even found some amazing waves

Iceland threw everything at me and now I just can't wait to go back.

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  • kingaleftska

    I love you

  • ilightbox

    Fantastic awe inspiring images. Iceland is on my and my 13yo's bucket list 😊

  • katstewart01

    What an experience. Beautiful imagery.

  • ShirleyWicks

    Wow! That is fantastic! Looking forward to a short visit off our cruise.

  • violetray

    Blown away! I'll never get there, but have your incredible photos to look at!! Luv your work!!

  • billiamruns

    Amazing photography!!

  • lindamilligan

    I've been there and you've done the country proud. Wonderful photos.

  • MaggieJ8

    Outstanding imagery capturing the essence of everything that is Iceland. Thank you.

  • sylkisylki

    beautiful! I guess now I know where I want to go next...

  • RoyalPearl

    This is absolutely amazing 👏👏👏👏

  • PrayersWishes

    Totally amazing! Now I want to go to Iceland. Wow!

  • 77slade

    this is wonderful! And Iceland has been on my bucketlist forever. Now it's at the top! thank you for sharing!

  • dnysgdnt

    amazing pictures, thanks for sharing man

  • suecbrn

    These are the most amazing shots!! I'm so jealous and Congratulations!!!! I'm definitely putting Iceland on my list of places to go!

  • lilla_spivak

    Absolutely stunning pictures!!

  • PMG

    Absolutley Amazing!!!!! Congrats, thanks for sharing!!!! Wow 💯

  • brajohn1

    Mind blown

  • teejayecool

    Beautiful photography and an amazing place to be!

  • maudiskoby

    Island has so much to offer. I was there 1995 and everyone you met wanted to stay longer than they did.

  • dmnaz1

    Truly stellar!

  • paloma

    Amazing , wow thank yuo for sharing

  • Mozzy442


  • jmika

    Amazing, beautiful pics!!

  • rahulawasty

    This is too amazing to handle!

  • moiazam

    really wonderful

  • polidoros


  • burrowsnrabbits

    Just breathtaking. Officially adding Iceland to my list of places to visit because of this.

  • littlesaltedfig

    Oh my word. Such gorgeous photos!! Iceland. I want to visit! Thank you for sharing your adventure!

  • jmits11

    Amazing and breathtaking

  • a_bajric


  • barefootchic

    Omg, breathtaking and so beautiful!!! Let's keep this magnificent place as pure and untouched & not let it ruined by our ignorance and stupidity.

  • aconica


  • altimages

    Amazing images and story @seanscott 👌

  • juliahu

    Wow. Breathtaking.

  • love_eve


  • dabottom

    That was awesome

  • marcuslove143

    @mxracerrm check out the icecaves!

  • JohnyCook

    So awesome you got to see the ice caves 🙌

  • timandannette

    YES! fantastic shots. Well done

  • lisalyo

    @esedesergio , don't you want to know Iceland? Look at these pictures! They are amazing!!

  • sherrybsmith

    Breath taking!!!❄️🌊

  • cammjoh

    Great! I wish to go there soon. ⭐️👍

  • kpinko

    Just so incredible mate

  • Scriptum

    more of this

  • JessaDee


  • arthildur

    You captured Icelandic during winter well. Beautiful!

  • artpulse

    Those ice caves! And waterfalls! I gotta go❤️

  • leehorbachewski



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