Winter's End


While cycling to and from work the other day I noticed the gradual change from #Winter to #Spring This short story depicts my #cycle through the #Nottinghamshire countryside in #England It shows the last remnants of Winter that were seen along the way

An old favourite of mine, standing elegantly in the field, while the last remnants of fog burn away

Frost covered English tracks illuminated by the morning sun #stellermorning

Recently ploughed fields all ready for Spring crops, but covered by a shroud of the morning chill

Spring in the world! And all things are made new! ~ Richard Hovey

Woodland magical mists

Frost bitten buds

An early start and the dawn of a new day

By the waterside, walking toward the setting sun

You will never fully appreciate a good Spring until you come through a harsh Winter #stellerwinter

#stellerdayinthelife Thanks for viewing my Steller Story You can see more of my images on Instagram @gm8ty

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