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When I saw the hashtag #stellerweekend I was wondering, what *did* we do at the weekend...? It was grey and gloomy - not the best of days for photos. At which point Harris pointed out to me that this story really should be his. Because this weekend, Harris had a sleepover with his Uncle Bracken. Think snuggling, wrestling, grouching, and beach running. Not bad really.

On Saturday afternoon, waiting for Uncle Bracken...

... ever so patiently.

At this point on Saturday, Harris was expecting a trip to the beach. He was expecting, you know, *fun*... πŸ„πŸ„ Instead we drove out to West Lothian to take Bracken for his spring strip. (That's hand-stripping out his winter coat, for those uninitiated with the grooming needs of wirehaired dachshunds.) While Bracken was being stripped, we headed for a walk along the Union Canal.

I won't lie: it was a cold day and a short walk...

...followed by a trip to The Bridge Inn at Ratho. Witness the face of a disgruntled dachshund...

Things improved when we arrived home. There was wrestling to be done after all. Pretty much all of it initiated by Harris. The wee terror.

"I will gaze on you..."

"...and then I'll be having your beard..."

"... and I don't ever get tired of this game..."

Of course, sleepovers aren't all about wrestling. (Although I wish someone had told the boys that as I was trying to practice yoga on Sunday morning while they wrestled each other around my mat...) There are quiet times too...

Being helpful with the laundry...

The Chew Stare-off. Nope, nothing happens in this video.

'Someone' tends to win. Bracken: 😀

Finally, the humans in the family got their act together and we all headed down the coast to the beach at Yellowcraig.

Just making sure that we are parked correctly.

The woodland, still bare, but slowly coming to life.

Looking for textures...

We skirt the edge of the golf course en-route to the beach...

If I'd been compiling a #stellerweekend story three-and-a-bit years ago, before Harris arrived, it would have looked very different. A movie, a meal out, walks through Edinburgh, maybe meeting friends. Now, we get to Friday night and think, what would Harris enjoy? Because now, that's what we enjoy too.

Bracken ☟

The thing we crave every weekend: peace. Space to exhale.

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