↞ M Y F E B R U A R Y ↠

February, and the promise of spring. Longer days (only slightly, but longer) and a little more light. If you're a dog parent, you'll understand why this is important. When you're walking your best four-legged friend in darkness soon after 3pm, well, it gets depressing. Stretching those days to 4pm… 5pm… 6pm… that feels incredible. And after a winter of being cooped up indoors, you just want to get outside and explore. Even if it's still freezing. So February saw trips to Cambo and Culross in Fife: the first, an incredible estate with a walled garden and snowdrop-filled woodland; the latter a historic village with winding cobbled lanes and buildings dating back to the 1600s. And, of course, there was a bit of beach-walking, a bit of posing on logs and on random doorsteps and beside various gates (Harris has been surprisingly accepting of his Mum's current obsession), and a whole lot of snuggling. Because no month - indeed, no day - is complete without snuggling. A guy's gotta do and all that...

Nothing beats weekend walks with Uncle Bracken, especially when they involve a beach...

Harris was very chuffed to be named by Bow Wow Times as their Instagram Dog of the Week early in February. It was the young man's first interview.

Harris's Mum is also currently obsessed with mews lanes. Indeed, any little cobbled tucked away lane merits exploration...

Exploring the woodland at Cammo Estate on the outskirts of Edinburgh.

I mentioned the gates and doorways... Benches too, and walls. Harris is one long-suffering pup...

Uncle Bracken was immortalised in felt by the talented felt artist Alison Rumbles - for Harris's Grannie's birthday in February.

And Harris's Mum also got a year older this month... (let's not talk about it 🙍)

That trip to Cambo Estate in Fife to visit the snowdrop-filled gardens and woodland.

Cambo Estate has over 350 different types of snowdrops - and yes, this looks just as impressive as it sounds.

The gardens at Culross Palace were designed in the style of a 17th century garden. Check out that doocot...

Exploring the ruins of Culross Abbey, which dates from the 13th century.

All in all, February wasn't a bad month. Here's to an even better March... 🌱


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