An Assemblage of Morning Scenes


Mornings hold so much significance to me - from the cold hours of the early morning to the fog-ridden 7am before the sunshine slowly spreads across the sky - I value it all, every single moment of it all.

- I always have a ritual of breakfast - be it the weekends or weekdays, I always make time for a morning meal, a cup of tea and a good book with the occasional music. -

Here are some shots of my breakfasts...

Most days I have oatmeal...

... topped with fruits and nuts.

Other days, it's granola + soy yogurt...

Or homebaked buns...

During the weekends, I often have pancakes.

As a rare treat, I have pastries from Tiong Bahru Bakery.

The papers accompany at times.

What are your key morning rituals? Mine's breakfast. -

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