An Escape to the #OregonCoast

Tension from work and a looming tax bill was like a caffeine buzz that wouldn't let us rest.


Tiring of the fight we made a run for it. Gravity tugged at us but lost its grasp as we airdropped into cool, green #Oregon.

Tension drains, shoulders drop, as a dash across open pastures to the forest green and ocean blue of the coast leaves the buzz behind.

Local coffee, fish and chips…

…friendly meets and a muddy trail from mountain to sea to mountain again leaves us relaxed and oh so tired.

Abandoning caution another trail is sought. Hanging from green cliff walls…

…into dark blue and glowing white waterfalls.

We transformed the tension buzz into zeal and energy. We rediscovered our creativity and vigor in our many steps and various trails.

We again rushed to meet our scheduled flight against gravity.


Imagery: Jake Tapia Story: Jenn Tapia

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