This February I visited the very north of Finland to promote the region Inari-Saariselkä! Here I will share some camera tips and behind the scenes fun!

I was joined by Christoffer Collin, aka @wisslaren , aka the reindeer whisperer...

And this guy - @photojbartlett . Our third trip together this northern Winter!

The weather forecast was against us, clouds all week it said! Luckily it was wrong and the Aurora came out to play!

ISO 1600 F 5.6 30 seconds Manual focus to infinity!

Night photography

Having never previously photographed the northern lights I wasn't sure of my settings. I figured I would start around where I would normally shoot stars and work from there. I needed to extend my shutter speed and increase my ISO to allow enough light on the exposure. I started at ISO 1600 and played between 15 and 30 seconds of exposure. I also wanted my foreground to be in focus AND the night sky. I decided to infinity focus on my 14-24 mm lens but increased my aperture to f5.6 for a little more depth of field. These settings varied from shot to shot as the Aurora brightened and darkened.

Our running joke for the trip was that everything is better with Aurora! On the two nights we shot the northern lights the air was filled with the sound of giggling and squealing. "Aim the camera at the pretty", we exclaimed! Any barn, cabin, road, caravan or snowy tree became better with Aurora. We even shot selfies!


Aside from Aurora hunting, people in the north of Finland love to hike, ski and be with nature! Huts in the forest are provided by Finnish national parks to weary travelers for resting or even sleeping.

And you know what looks better with huts don't you? ... AURORA!

Finland is also home to many reindeer!

The Porotila Reindeer Farm in Ivalo was one of my favorites experiences of late! Meet the reindeer in the nature with a real reindeer herder and learn about this age old method of farming in the north.

http://petrimattus.com/eng/introduction.php - the website -

Obligatory selfie

Because my Steller stories aren't complete without a terrible selfie!

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Thanks to Inari-Saariselkä for making this trip a possibility!

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