Few other birds are as expressive as owls. But don't let their cuteness fool you, they are highly specialized predators and ferocious hunters. We are lucky to have several species in BC.

The Saw Whet

Roughly 6" tall, these little guys can often be found napping in low hanging branches

They are just so cute!

The Barred Owl

They wait patiently, hiding in plain sight

And they don't mind sharing their freshly caught rat dinner with you.

The Barn Owl

Can eat up to 1300 rats per year, and are in decline due to lack of habitat and posioning

The Great Horned

Their eyes are amongst the largest and powerfully acute in the animal kingdom

They have amazing camouflage, and are known for giving you the stink eye when you wake them up.

The Northern Pygmy

This owl is one tiny ball of bad-assery! At only 5" tall they pack a ferocious appetite for song birds

Often seen hunting in the day, they sit and then ambush their prey.

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  • ladyrarabra

    Owls are soooo cute! Such a cool story!!! 😍

  • niki_pike

    Aww thanks! I love them too! @ladyrarabra they are like little bad ass birds who steal my heart!

  • ladyrarabra

    Haha, they are my spirit animal! I even have a tattoo of one. :)) I'd love to see them up close like this though!!

  • niki_pike

    Yes I have been super lucky. That barred owl eating the rat was in the tree In My yard. I couldn't believe it. I have been pretty fortunate with seeing them. I have a few other owls ( snowy owl and short ear) but didn't include their pics @ladyrarabra

  • ladyrarabra

    That is lucky, and gruesome! Lol, you must live around lots of nature! The little ones are definitely my favourite. I think if I saw a big one up close I'd probably run away from it.. 😂

  • niki_pike

    Well they aren't too big really. They look bigger in pics. And yes we have heaps of forest close by so they are always around, but it was my first time seeing one in my yard. @ladyrarabra

  • photistry

    FYI: Page 5 currently has the same photo as page 4.

  • niki_pike

    @photistry thanks! Something is odd here I will fix it!

  • photistry

    I'm glad I could help.

  • niki_pike

    @photistry yes really appreciate that! It looked fine in the preview but was messed after publishing. I ended up just re adding the shot. Thanks again!

  • lizs_b

    Those little ones are super cute!!


    The music at the end made me laugh out loud. Perfection!

  • niki_pike

    @WEEN_DREAM haha so glad you liked it, thanks!

  • davemc_

    100th liner woohoo ... Nice to see you here Nic ... P4 awww cute! Great work

  • niki_pike

    @davemc_ heya! Thanks mate!

  • Magic0wl

    Incredible 💜

  • niki_pike

    @Magic0wl thanks so much! I just adore owls

  • laurencelz

    Owls, they have an esoteric connection, wonderful shots. Well done!

  • niki_pike

    @laurencelz thanks! They are such cute and fierce beasts

  • laurencelz

    The fact that they appear around you is pretty cool! I have a mated pair that show up in the coldest part of winter. Barred owls i think. I talk to them and sometimes they just hoot back.

  • havwoods

    Ofcourse the dancing owl is making everybody smile


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