Feb 16 - Feb 22 (The 'I'm frozen' edition)

See What I See

This was probably one of the coldest weeks I've ever experienced. Temperatures ranged from -20C to -35C, with wind chills almost the entire week between -40C and -50C. I'd really rather be hibernating, but life continues even in the cold and I did have to venture out a few times. Might as well make the most of it and create a story.


A holiday, Family Day, for us in Ontario. We stayed inside and kept warm and busy


Probably the warmest day of the week, so I ventured out to the library to get some work done without distractions


Another super cold day with absolutely clear skies


The coldest day of them all - I thought my fingers were going to freeze in the five seconds I had my mitten off to take this


Still too chilly to be out on the rink, but we can rest assured the ice isn't going anywhere any time soon


Classing up the bathroom with a new shower curtain


A birthday party to finish off the week - cupcakes are such serious business

So that's what I saw this week. Spring can come ANY time now :) #seewhatisee

  • jordanfoy


  • photistry

    You intrigued me with "frozen"

  • sarahbelle

    Thank you @jordanfoy ! When life hands you a miserable winter, make a Steller story :) @photistry thanks for checking it out! The weekend was a little better, now we're back to freezing again.

  • photistry

    Where I'm from, the cold is an unavoidable part of our lives. But it means we can have snow on our mountain and I can go skiing!!!

  • sarahbelle

    @photistry that is certainly true. I'm originally from southern Ontario and can definitely handle lots of snow, it's the bitter biting cold that makes me want to cry