Twelve Apostles - II

Victoria, Australia

The Apostles - Part II

This is not the first time I had been to the Apostles. I first came here exactly one year ago with Goose on our first big trip together around western Victoria. I actually wrote about that as well, my first post as Lion + Goose. I said I hated water and the ocean, and in hindsight what a difference a year can make. In my part one of the Apostles I finished by talking about the richness and beauty of what it meant to be by the ocean, as the sun was setting and the sea level was roaring, and the mist covered the entire beach. You could see fog ascending upward on the cliffs and onto the land, as if the Southern Ocean had extended its arm out reaching for the tourists and innocent bystanders in hope of collecting them and sucking them into the water never to be seen again.

But it doesn't collect you and this is what I saw in Goose who was standing facing outward into the horizon. Occasionally the water would collect her knees and then give up. You cannot win here. You swim you die. To swim here would be about as free as your next impending doom. But you are nonetheless free to all the same. Goose fought back the urge and we walked together along the beach to the Apostles. I may have banged on about this in my post at Hamilton Island but I love mountains that rise up out of the ocean. I love mountains, the ocean, and twilight. And this is the fundamental part of traveling, journalism, and photography, that is completely changes you and your perception of life. You are constantly pushing yourself further, constantly learning of new opportunities, always discovering and exploring more. It never ends and always gets better with each journey. This is the part of time and life that gets me and I'm a master of being existential as fuck.

In summery, time is an intense topic for me, and one that I've spent the last year since my last journey to the Apostles thinking a lot about. Maybe the way the rocks rise up out of the ocean and bare all, the eroded walls for everyone to see and let know the millions of years they've been on the planet before people arrived. Maybe that brought it out of me? I don't recall ever being so concerned about time and life before I was here, and now I want to see the world and worry I'll have to pack it all into this very small, very short can of sardines. If you or someone you know is traveling to Melbourne I think you should recommend them Lion + Goose if not for the wealth of information, than for the inspiration to travel Victoria. I was with a group of friends when I came by the Apostles who knew it would be a long drive there and back, but still took my advice on leaving in the late afternoon regardless. I came here and I never looked back at my old life. I only know how to look forward.