How to Handle Stress

Stress has become a “normal” part of our lives. Most of us live in fear or worry on a daily basis. We stress about big things like health, money, career, family and we stress about small things like missing a train or being stuck in traffic. We are constantly in a “go-go” mode, and we forget to relax. That's not healthy! So, if you are currently feeling stressed, don’t worry, there are many ways for you to feel more relaxed. By implementing these relaxing practices into your day, you can transport your life.

1. Meditate or do a breathing exercise

2. Listen to the sounds of nature

3. Observe your thoughts without judgement. Look for the bright side of things

4. Go for walk, take a bike ride or go for a run

5. Do something that you love

6. Make yourself a cup of tea, put on headphone, lay down on your bed and listen to chill out music.

7. Give yourself a treat!

8. Spend time in nature

9. Watch a comedy or read a funny book!

10. Never lose hope

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