FANTASTIC FUNGI A film by Louie Schwartzberg

Imagine an organism that feeds you, cures you, and may even help save the planet. Now imagine it's in the ground beneath your feet. We're making a film about mushrooms that will blow your mind.

"I believe nature is a force of good." ~ Paul Stamets


Support the mind-bending, life-affirming film about mushrooms featuring Paul Stamets, produced by Lyn Lear. #StellerFungi #FantasticFungi

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  • tbyrnes

    Wow! This is amazing! Thanks for sharing all those time lapses. So cool.

  • tbyrnes

    @cairofoster you are gonna love this 🍄

  • brajohn1

    amazing video

  • mombo

    @brown2020 you need to check this story out.

  • mombo


  • Aris

    Wow!! So cool

  • FantasticFungi

    Glad to have you! The film is being directed by the father of timelapse photography, Louie Schwartzberg (@MovingArt) and make sure to find Fantastic Fungi on our other social channels!


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