Land Art 2008-2016 Paul Johnson

When I was 9 years old I picked up a stick and started drawing in the sand on a family camping trip. I spent hours on it. Something about the deliberate movements, repetition of shapes and the feel of the sand was meditative.

Since then I've tried to make things out in the wild with the raw materials the natural world provides whenever the opportunity presents itself.

When I was in college I discovered artists like Robert Smithson, Jim Denevan and Andy Goldsworthy. I was amazed to see there were career artists out there making incredible work at the intersection of earth science and art. Their work is a continued inspiration.

Early last year I began experimenting with putting this work in motion. The aim was to create videos of the works seemly creating and assembling themselves without human intervention. By using stop motion animation, I can make small changes to each frame before stepping out of the shot. The process is a bit time consuming but incredibly fun.

Making these works puts me into a kind of meditative state, where my mind has a singular focus and everything else falls away. Taking the time to create something out in the elements adds another layer to this state. One that forces the close examination and appreciation of the incredible patterns and systems of the natural world.

Paul Johnson

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