#EmptyHistorical project in famous The State Historical Museum in Moscow!

On 3rd of February Russian instagram Community members took part in #EmptyHistorical project in famous The State Historical Museum in Moscow! This project is an amazing opportunity to visit this famous museum located on Red Square in Moscow when there are no visitors and staff. Ekaterina Mishchenkova (@Katia_Mi / @Katia_Mi_), the organizer of the project: ‘Russia is changing and keeps in line with global trends. I would like to bring to the field of culture more unusual views and creative approaches that will be able to reveal the potential of museum spaces and create new cultural formats. Projects like «Empty» form new cultural needs of young people and awake their love for art. I am happy that the Historical museum is open to new and ready to experiment.' Pictures of this project you may see using hashtags: #EmptyHistorical #ConceptHistorical

Architectural forms of facades like ‘kokoshniks’ and bricks embroidery determined the choice of the dress code. Kokoshnik is the symbol of Russia. I tried to emphasize national uniqueness and historical belonging of museum.

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