January, 2015. Came back to the cold London with post holiday blues and the usual jet lag. All the festivities around town before I left disappeared overnight and everything went back to normal once again. New year, new resolutions and life goes on!

{ 1 } The day the city was shrouded by fog

{ 2 } It's not London without the rain but sometimes I just love it!

{ 3 } It has been a while, National Portrait Gallery!

{ 4 } Nelson. Lonely at the top.

{ 5 } Brunch at Dishroom

{ 6 } Winter light shining through the Admiralty Arch

{ 7 } Striding through London!

{ 8 } Roof topping in London and you get a new view every time!

{ 9 } My favourite spot to 'gram' in London - Borough Market

Till next month


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