Hamilton Island

Queensland, Australia

Hamilton Island

I think a lot about memories. Not specific memories in particular, although I do have an obsessive compulsive impulse to document as much of my life as possible, but the idea of memories and weighing important, happy, and impactful memories against memories that aren't in the least bit important but you remember them anyway. I have a love hate relationship with trying to remember dreams and the implications of the more you attempt to remember a dream the more the dream fades away from your memory. I love the idea that the more you want something the more it fades away, though I hate that in reality the memory of the dream fades away.

I believe this is what fuels my creative mind to document. It brings to me the more important questions of life, of which I am stuck in an infinite loop of. Did I do enough today? Have I made the correct decision to spend my day writing, or should I have invested more energy in connecting with people? And of course, am I really leading myself in the right direction.

I can't remember why I wanted to visit the Whitsundays and Hamilton Island, or the Great Barrier Reef. I recall in the final quarter of 2014 Goose and I wanted to get tropical. Goose and I tossed up Fiji, New Caledonia, the Oceanic and Pacific region for travel destinations, but landed on the Whitsundays when some more than affordable flights came to my attention. We didn't really hesitate either. The winter had been pretty long and cold in the south east of Australia, and after traveling to Tasmania, as well as the snow and around Victoria, the cold was well and truly behind us.

Direct flights to Hamilton Island Airport operate out of Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Cairns which may seem a barrier to others elsewhere, and an added expense. I think particular in this post it is important to highlight added expenses where in any other post I haven't mentioned costs. Believe it or not this part of the world is crazy expensive, and everything has its own added expense. Not just Hamilton Island but the whole Oceanic region. The area is tourist heavy between Queensland and Hawaii, and you want to approach the area with a sort of, 'money is but an object and has no importance'. Fundamentally, if you cut corners on your trip you only sell yourself short. No one else. I would also like to add that to have traveled all that way to not do all the whole tour is outright stupid which leads me to good stuff!

I booked the ten-something story hotel on Hamilton Island because it was the cheapest and this is pretty much the only time that is allowed, because really the starting value for accommodation is $250 a night in the low season. The next level up is something like, $600 - $700 a night, and then there is the out of this world, celebrity staying resorts at a value of at least $1,200. The apartments Goose and I stayed in were really nice, literally a stone throw to the beach. A complimentary tour bus takes you from the airport when you arrive. The whole island is coordinated to perfection - with years of tweaking. Spend a little bit more a night to get the ocean view, because the cheaper apartments early look at the gardens and people swimming in the pools.

110% you are best off buying food from the general store and cooking for the entirety of your stay. Ours was five days. We also bought alcohol from the bottle shop but bare in mind these prices are still really expensive to what you would expect in the city. Cheaper against the alternative of going out for dinner every night. There are a heap of things to do on Hamilton Island and most conceivably at the top of the list is swimming in the ocean and laying on the beach. Because Goose and I technically went in the wet season, it also happens to still be summer and very hot / humid.

At this point I would really like to point something out about the weather because I think it is important. From about the end of April through to January the weather in Northern Queensland is sun and clear skies every day. As in every day. So when the wet season (also known as the low season) roles around, which happens to be when Goose and I traveled, we noticed a few discrepancies from what we're used to and what we expected, baring in mind we come from a city that rains for most of the year. A weather forecast may imply a lot of cloud, maybe some rain, usually thunder storms on most days. This was to my disappointment, however, the weather changes its mind every ten minutes this time of year, and so if a day suggests it's going to rain it translates to, 'there is the smallest probability of rain probably not might be cloudy might not be could be a good chance of thunderstorms probably won't happen there will be torrential rain no the sky is completely clear'.

What I'm saying is that in comparison of where we're from the weather was sunny for the entirety of our stay as you can see in the photos. I believe the weather is in comparison to the rest of the year when it is nothing but clear skies but I digress.

If you're not in the water you must cuddle a koala. About the most cutest thing I've ever cuddled, of course except Goose. This comes with an all you can eat buffet starting at 7am. For two people this cost around $116 and lasted about an hour all up because we rocked up at 8am. The cuddle is at 9am. Cuddling the koala much to Goose's disappointment lasted about 10 seconds that she and I actually got to hold it. Extremely disappointing.

By 9am it's damn hot so we were back in the ocean. There's a section of the main beach where you can hire paddle boards to stand on out at sea, as well as snorkelling, and even sailing. We did all of them and I must say not only am I a professional long boarder now but I think I may have to take up surfing full time. Luckily the water is about 28 degrees unlike Victoria's 5 degrees. The magical experience of the Whitsunday Islands was the following days.

  • ladyrarabra

    Beautiful sentiments! I have the same thing with dreams. I write them down sometimes and when I read them 6 months later I can't remember it, and it makes no sense.