Finding Peace

Along the Danish Coast

This summer, after an exciting backcountry trip elsewhere in glaciated Scandinavia, I retreated to a warmer Denmark to visit an old friend and her family in their summer cottage along the northern coast.

I met Anne when I was 19--during my first trip abroad to Mexico, while selling handmade jewelry and scraping rust off bed posts in exchange for a bed at a hostel.

We stayed in touch by letters across the ocean - and bonded over the death of our friend and traveling partner all those years earlier in Mexico.

* Life has a way of circling back around *

Anne has a beautiful family now in Luxembourg but each summer they make time to find peace along the northern coast of the Jutland Peninsula on the North Sea.

Exploring the beaches, forests, and hamlets of this Scandinavian community, the conviction to find an end-of-the-road refuge of my own for my future family becomes more established.

Where do you go to reconnect?

As with all adventures, the memory of this place has become part of me now.

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