Chasing Light

Stepping out of the darkness and into the light

I have fallen in love with the forest. Wait, I have always loved the forest. Let me re-phrase that. I have fallen in love with the soft mossy forest light.

The winter in Vancouver this year has been non-existent. Above average temperatures, no snow, and sunny day. The perfect conditions for light beams

Shooting with a tripod, a remote, and a circular polarizer helps create crisp images. I usually shoot at f/10-f/13 depending on the light.

The damp forest floor combined with the warm sun creates the most unreal light beams. I can't get enough of them.

The End

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  • ladyrarabra

    What a beautiful collection! You captured the light magically! πŸ’šβœ¨πŸ‘Œ

  • niki_pike

    @ladyrarabra thanks so much! I have a few other collections I will be posting as well.

  • ladyrarabra

    Can't wait to see more for you! :)

  • laurenepbath


  • silverlakegirl

    So beautiful! We don't have forests like this in Los Angeles β˜€οΈπŸƒπŸ‚

  • bluechameleon

    Such a beautiful story. More please.

  • maria_ef


  • LivyPhotos

    This is so beautiful. Did you use a long exposure?

  • niki_pike

    @LivyPhotos I generally will shoot .8 or 1.6 seconds for the shots. Helps with the low light

  • niki_pike

    @maria_ef thanks so much!

  • niki_pike

    @bluechameleon hi!! You bet I have a few in the works!

  • niki_pike

    @laurenepbath oh heeeey! Thanks chicka!

  • niki_pike

    @silverlakegirl I used to take them for granted, but now I admire and appreciate them.

  • jetandindigo

    It's like the forest out of a Star Wars movie!

  • mikeon2

    Excellent beam light captures

  • niki_pike

    @mikeon2 thanks so much! I have been pretty lucky this winter

  • mikeon2

    The only time I get to see this consistency of trees and light effects is when I go to Sequoia.

  • mikeon2

    if you haven't I strongly recommend it!

  • kimdumayne

    Beautiful work! The greens of the moss are so gorgeous 🌾😍

  • niki_pike

    @kimdumayne thanks so much! Yes we are lucky to use moss all year long, but it always looks the best in winter/Spring 😊

  • qwinburn1


  • ghostedout

    Oh hello, there you are again. Saw a picture by you earlier on IG, and now I've found my way to your work on here via Pat (love_and_life). I bloody love this here book. Beams like that are a rare event over here, virtually never when I'm in the woods. You ever use ND grads as well as the polariser? The images are magic.

  • niki_pike

    @ghostedout I don't have any ND grads, but I always shoot with a polarizer when I am in the forest. The best time for use here in BC to shoot the beams is winter. Since our winter is usually mild bit it can be foggy, we tend to get these. This year was amazing for them. So glad you like it ❀️

  • susanne_mc

    Beautiful πŸ’š

  • chrissycck

    Amazing collection of stories @niki_pike πŸ’›

  • budyonny

    Woow, and it's in winter?


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