Vintage style

Laundry Bag

This sweet little baby laundry bag is sure to become a cherished heirloom. It is easy to make using a pair of linen tea towels, some ribbon and beading. Add some hand or machine embroidery for a special touch.


you will need: • two linen tea towels (22x14) with embroidered top edge • 3/4 yard entredeux beading • 3 yards 1/4 inch silk satin ribbon • construction and embroidery thread

Start by placing towels wrong sides together. Stitch using 1/8" seam starting 5" from top edge and continue around to 5" from other top edge

After stitching, turn right side out and press, folding unstitched portion to outside of bag

To finish, trim fabric from both edges of entredeux beading. Weave ribbon through beading and attach at both sides of top of bag. Add ribbon bows at attachment points.

  • brajohn1

    So sweet!

  • juliecottrell

    Cute! Are you doing AC swatch of the month this year? Loved that!!

  • cindy

    @juliecottrell thank you! It was a great experience but very time consuming and I am going to try to use what I learned on actual garments :)

  • juliecottrell

    Great! I'm working on the Magdalena A line dress right now. It's an easy pattern. Have fun!!

  • SaltySoul

    Your work is amazing! Thanks for sharing!