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Wrap Magazine

"This is where we spend most of our time replying to emails and working on new designs. Our studio is covered in plants, and there’s a pinboard that nearly cover the whole wall featuring work by some of the illustrators we love." - @wrap_magazine

"We have a little dog called Aggie. She’s happy to hang out in the studio most of the time, following the sun around the room." - @wrap_magazine

"We get mail from illustrators most days and it’s always exciting to see what people have been working on. This is our favourite piece of post from today. They’re a set of three screen prints by recent illustration graduate Stephanie Unger." - @wrap_magazine

"There’s always packing to be done and at the moment we’re busy fulfilling orders for Valentines Day. This is one of the new cards we’ve worked on with Elliot Kruszynski."

"We’re always juggling a few projects at a time and one of the things we’re busying ourselves with at the moment is Wrap magazine issue 11. Here’s Chris going through one of the pieces of work soon to feature." - @wrap_magazine

"We recently had some new styles of gift wrap printed including ‘Abstract Foliage’ & ‘Bananas’ by the super-talented Pat Bradbury and Ruby Taylor. Hopefully coming very soon to a shop near you!" - @wrap_magazine

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