Jan 28 - Feb 03


I was nominated by @Photistry to document what I saw the past seven days. These past days were very focused on my creative process. It felt slow and painful, but revisiting them made me realize how much I achieved! Thank you @photistry for pushing me and @jordanfoy for launching #SeeWhatISee

Jan 28

Had a shelter shoot

Jan 29

Worked on my #WetDog book

Jan 30

Built flower crowns for #PitBullFlowerPower

Jan 31

Fell in love with Spinoza, a rescue from #DeadDogBeach. He's had a tough start in life but he is finally learning human love! Be brave Spinoza! Your forever family is coming soon!

Considered painting again, after over 10 years. Dropped the idea. I am not ready.

Feb 01

Feb 02

Worked on a #PitBullFlowerPower commissioned portrait

Feb 03

Agonized over the decision to release my new series Prophecy, or not. It's been ready for over 6 months.

I nominate: @allnaturalcomic @underbiteunite @crump @thefugee @JethroAmes Have fun! Follow me on Instagram @SophieGamand πŸ’š