Fantastic Fungi presents "50 Fungi Facts"

#StellerFungi By Eugenia Bone

#1: Fungi are classified in their own kingdom. The three most biologically complex kingdoms animals, plants, and fungi.

#2: Fungi are closer on the tree of life to animals than they are to plants.

#6: Mushrooms are the fruiting bodies of some fungi. They are like flowers, or fruit.

#7: Only a tiny percent of all fungi produce mushrooms.

#14: Fungi are the second largest group of organisms (after insects), with 1.5 million species. That's 6X more species than plants.

#21: 90% of all plants live in a mutualistic relationship with fungi that live on and in their roots.

#24: 100% of all green plants have fungi living between their cells, which begs the question, where does the plant stop and the fungus begin?

#28: Fungi can be used to control pests in homes and on crops, proving more effective than chemical pesticides as well as being safe for the environment, people, and other organisms.

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