Spring in Scout Valley

Scout Valley is 230 beautiful acres in Orillia, Ontario. It features hiking trails, a creek, a lookout, and some pretty fantastic forest. Also for those who enjoy geocaching, there are some caches hidden here. It's accessible year round, but spring is probably my favourite. All pictures taken on a 2013 hike with my dad.

These little flowers were right at the top of a tiny hill, so it was fun trying to find a good position to shoot them from. The dried leaves made a pretty good cushion for getting right down on the ground.

A lone red trillium. They're very pretty in the sun.

new life beginning stretching up toward the sky striving for the light

A peaceful moment beside the creek. In a darker part of the forest, this bright flower stood out, all alone.

These pine cones caught my eye. The tree wasn't much taller than me, but the pine cones were the size of my fist.

Regan House, originally built in 1832. In 2010 it was relocated from Orillia and reconstructed at Scout Valley for current and future generations to appreciate and learn from. Nearby there is a rock wall engraved with the names of pioneers who originally settled in the area.

Hope you enjoyed this little piece of my hometown! Thanks for checking it out :)