++ My January ++

Harris and I realised while looking through his Instagram photos that January was basically one long snuggle. Snuggling on the sofa, snuggling in his bed, snuggling on his Grannie's sofa. Just snuggling. But then January was cold. Cold, often freezing, with gales and rain and sleet thrown in. And Harris doesn't like gales, rain or sleet. Or freezing weather. So, really, who can blame the snuggling? January is a month for hibernation. 😴

Snuggling with Dad...

Snuggling with Mum...

A bit more snuggling with Mum...

"Sorry, were you needing something...?"

"Don't even think about waking me..."

Snuggling with Luther and Little Dude...

"Eh, what...?"

Being helpful with the laundry...

But January has also been a month of progress. Great progress. Harris and I have been working through some anxiety issues over recent months. The city has become overwhelming for the little guy. Too much noise, too much traffic, too much of everything. So we've been working on it a step at a time, with new experiences and challenges every week. And this month, something clicked into place. Harris started walking again. Stressing less. It's been great to see.

Zoom zoom

Harris has to put up with a lot of random doorstep and bench photos

Of course, no month would be complete without grouching, right? Here, this month's grouch with Little Dude. This translates roughly into: "Pick him up... I own you... pick him up. You will obey..."

January is also a good month to work on your styling. Fleecy coats are a must, clearly, but a guy should also consider working a snood into the mix...

Scruff styling...

The best part of any month - for us all, to be honest - are those times when we escape from the city and head to the beach. Or a wood. And if Uncle Bracken is involved, well, that's even better...

Until next month... have a great February ☼

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  • lovemyhouse

    Harris is sooo cute!! ❀️

  • copperline

    @Bente Believe me when I say he has the grouch to match! 😊

  • marij56

    My little man..in a great story! Uncle Jac saw your story too Harris.. Commented with; ahh he's a real Scotsman! *smiles* @copperline

  • bluedog

    Harris is a snuggle hero !

  • copperline

    @Steller Thank you for republishing this - twice! 😳... πŸ˜€ Greatly appreciated πŸ™

  • copperline

    @bluedog He's truly committed to the cause! And I'm just jealous I can't get away with this all day long πŸ˜„

  • copperline

    @marij56 Harris is sending you a gentle "Whuuuf" Marij. Am I allowed to say this *whispers* Harris's stories are the most fun ones to do... 😊

  • copperline

    @erikaolsen @karimuns @elusajens @trentrent @Addison @Simone_ Thanks so much for sharing this story πŸ™ I love that people enjoy reading about my little guy... 🐢+β™‘

  • MaxBellan

    No doubt about that, Harris has everything to become a comedian!!😊Impossible not to laugh at his mimics!

  • copperline

    @MaxBellan Thanks Maxime πŸ˜ŠπŸ™ I'm totally biased of course, but he is a funny little dude. Gruff, grouchy and cute. We are together all day and he keeps me entertained!

  • MaxBellan

    Can't wait to see his new adventures in February!!! πŸ‘‹πŸ˜Š

  • copperline

    @MaxBellan πŸ˜„πŸ™

  • copperline

    @Leah_ Thanks for sharing this one πŸ™πŸΆ

  • copperline

    @thirteen Thanks for sharing this story :) 🐢

  • marij56

    *whispers* I know❀️! Haha @copperline

  • idreamofchairs

    Harris, you are adorable! Can't wait to see what you get up to next month!

  • copperline

    Thanks for sharing this one Marij - and a warm whuuf of thanks (yes, another one!) from the wee fellow, who is currently lying on my desk... ☺️

  • copperline

    @idreamofchairs Thanks Michelle 😊 Harris says a "whuuf" of thanks too! The wee fella is on Instagram should you be interested (he's a bit of an IG addict... 😁).

  • artintheage

    Harris is easily the most handsome dog ever. This is adorable! Thanks for sharing.

  • copperline

    @artintheage πŸ˜„ ... πŸ™ He is a pretty handsome little dude, but more than that he's the most loyal little guy you could imagine. He's my shadow all day long - and I couldn't ask for a better shadow...

  • bethkellmer

    What handsome pups!! More fashionable than me! πŸ’ thanks for sharing a smile!

  • copperline

    @bethkellmer More fashionable than me too! The boys have their fleece coats custom made to fit their long bodies. I do off-the-peg in the sale... 😏 Glad you enjoyed and lovely to find you on Steller πŸ™