5 Different Mediums to Explore

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Oil Pastel

The unique colors that oil pastels create is like no other medium I've tried. They're soft and supple and I love to create landscape drawings with them because of the way the blue dissolves into pinks and oranges...sunsets were definitely meant to be portrayed through pastels.


Imagery recreated to be something of my own. Now I love to read travel, surfing, photography, and nature magazines and pull tears to create collages of visions that I have for my future. Collages are one of the most motivational forms of art that I've ever discovered.


Sketching is where so many ideas originate from. Designs, paintings, and installations probably all started from a sketch of some sort. It's an opportunity to hash out ideas over and over again until they become exactly what you intended.

Hand Lettering

Something about hand crafted words stringing together poetic quotes or sentences brings a romantic feeling to mind. I recently tried my hand at the pen and paper form of typography. In this day and age it may even be hard for many people to remember how often they really hand write anything out. It's amazing how creative you can get by taking a step away from technology.


Watercolor is by far my favorite medium of paint. Fluid and delicate, strokes of watercolor magically create beautiful stains across crisp white pages. Experiment with mixing and diluting a rainbow of hues for a wide range of possibilities.

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  • citybelle

    this is amazing! I especially want to try to do typography

  • EmberAmber

    Lovely! The Hard Pastels were in the oil pastel section. Maybe just name it Pastels? Or showcase Hard Pastels...


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